Captain Marvel Drops The Sash In EW Preview

If you’re like us who are in need of some measure of good hope that things “will be okay” after Avengers: Infinity Warthen anything related to Avengers 4 ought to do the trick, right? Interestingly, Marvel still has one other film slated to launch before we see the aftermath of #TheSnappening, and Good Lord did they finally give us a tease.

That’s right – Entertainment Weekly just dropped an awesome Captain Marvel preview. While this didn’t come in the form of a trailer, resident fan Judith does have a few impressions about the tease.

The Captain Marvel Preview We Need!

It only took a whole decade and twenty movies, but we finally have our first look at Captain Marvel, the first solo female-led movie from the MCU!

Brie Larson and Entertainment Weekly teased a reveal on September 4 via Twitter, and at 12nn the next day, they dropped the EW cover and an additional ten photos to complete the exclusive first look.

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#ItanongMoKayJudith: Initial Thoughts On The Teaser?

For some context, Captain Marvel will be starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers as the titular hero. This means Marvel will be bringing her transition from being Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel into the spotlight.

Comic readers will remember Danvers having gotten much of her abilities from Mar-Vell. She started as Ms. Marvel after receiving his powers in Ms. Marvel #1 (January 1977), and only got promoted into Captain Marvel in 2012.

  • Captain Marvel’s signature sash is not present in this iteration. We don’t know how to feel about this.
  • This won’t be an origin story, which is interesting. We’re at the tail-end of MCU and it feels a little out of place. On the other hand, she’s the only one who doesn’t get an origin story.
  • While I’m personally attached to human!Carol having fused with Kree DNA and gaining superpowers after a not-so-random freak accident, we might not get that here.
  • Skrulls do seem a bit “eh,” for some reason. They do need to look intimidating, although they give off more of an X-Men: Apocalypse or Star Trek vibe, compared to usual alien folk in the MCU.
  • Do we get both Maria and Monica in this movie?
  • The leaked paparazzi photos from earlier this year finally have (some) context!
  • I am very stoked about the 90’s setting for purely shallow reasons. Fury with hair! Carol’s Nine Inch Nails shirt! I want to see all the 90’s aesthetics to satisfy the 90’s kid in me.

It didn’t quite break the internet (hear those clamors for a trailer? Hell yeah we need a trailer), but this is a damn good start. There’s still a ways to go before the movie drops in March 2019 and we’re excited for what comes next!

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