Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel Drops The Sash In EW Preview

If you're like us who are in need of some measure of good hope that things "will be okay" after Avengers: Infinity War, then anything related to Avengers 4 ought to do the trick, right? Interestingly, Marvel still has one other film slated to launch before we see the aftermath of #TheSnappening, and Good Lord did they finally give…

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Did Marvel Really Secretly Find Their Captain Marvel?

Here's a nice rumor for the still unmentioned Captain Marvel movie from Marvel Studios. Word on the street is Marvel Studios has already found their Captain Marvel but has yet to make an announcement. The story goes that rather than setting the Internet on fire again with a casting announcement, Marvel just went full stealth mode and inserted…

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New Secret Wars Spin-off Titles – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps and Squadron Sinister

Marvel annouces two new titles for their Secret Wars event month; one is heavily referencing Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel while the other is a throwback to an old Marvel book featuring the Squadron Supreme. Ever since Marvel Comics relaunched Captain Marvel and gave the title to Carol Danvers, the character started to appeal A WHOLE LOT…

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Marvel Legends Avengers Series 1 Review

A few years ago, I was all, "Just 3 Twin packs?" "No Marvel Legends? Pff." or "When's the next one? Too slow.". Now, we're not even done with the 1st quarter of 2015 yet and we got 3 waves coming up: Avengers Series 1, Hobgoblin Wave and Avengers Series 2 (Age of Ultron Tie-Up??)! Anyway, just got…

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Cosmically Enhanced Variant Covers for GotG and X-Men for The Black Vortex

Check out the cosmically enhanced variant covers for upcoming issues of Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men mini-event "The Black Vortex" Marvel Comics has provided with an exclusive first look at Andrea Sorrentino’s Cosmically Enhanced Variant Covers for the Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex crossover event. Sorrentino will provide a…

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