(Spoiler-Free!) Star Wars: The Last Jedi First Impressions

I will admit, I initially thought that it would be hard to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi without spoiling, as just talking about the broad strokes like I normally do feels like a massive injustice, but thinking about it now, the broad strokes are actually the movie’s greatest strength.

So we’re three movies in to the new Star Wars franchise. Episode VII was an okay attempt to harness the flavor of the old movies for new viewers (end result was okay but personally ultimately just meh) and Rogue One struck out on its own to give us a Star Wars story separate from the main episodes but earning its spot as a must-see for those of us concerned about a time long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The Last Jedi Luke

And Episode VIII? Sh*t, son. I did not see this coming at all. Unlike TFA which seems to worry so much about alienating the original fans (it’s hard to be the first one in though. Don’t worry TFA I understand), TLJ just takes the ball and runs with it, laughing all the way.

The movie isn’t perfect of course, there are some bits that I take issue with. Some shots seem really out of place, and some of the characters end up getting shortchanged after build up from Episode VII, but the stories it does tell? Boy, does it tell you a story.

The Last Jedi Kylo

Episode VIII finally feels like the new trilogy is coming into its own. It takes what we know from the older movies and moves it forward properly. Answers a lot of questions, asks new ones, and wrenches your heart as it does so. Closure, but the beginning of a new chapter.

Despite being a longtime Star Wars fan, I’d been feeling pretty jaded about the franchise, but man, oh mannn. This movie burns brighter than starlines hitting lightspeed, and takes you places you didn’t think you’d go to.
Since this is a first impressions post instead of a proper review, I’ll limit my rating to a watch/not watch instead of our usual scoring so

Watch it. What are you waiting for? Punch it.

The Last Jedi Rey


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