Wrevolution X 2018: Philippine Wrestling’s Biggest Show Yet!

The biggest stars in Philippine Wrestling are looking to shine bright in the country’s biggest professional wrestling event of the year. Join us as we return to the iAcademy Auditorium at H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City on May 20, 2018 as Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents WREVOLUTION X 2018!



What can wrestling fans expect from this Wrevolution X 2018? Fans can gorge their eyes in the biggest double main event in Philippine Wrestling history! Enthusiasts will be up for an event of suspense, as all PWR championship titles are on the line this time. Local wrestling fans should be there to see a surprising crossover between Philippine Wrestling Revolution and the Manila Wrestling Federation! All of these, and a lot more professional wrestling action, all in one grand event. Here’s the tale of the card!

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (Title vs. Career): Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Miguel Rosales

Miguel Rosales will not let anyone else claim the coveted PWR Championship, especially after his PWR suspension and failing to win the Ubusan ng Lahi match for his team. However, Rosales remains one step away from his goals, all courtesy of defending and reigning PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi. Rosales has been challenging Imabayashi at every turn for the title, but Imabayashi has always refused. At PWR Live: Trapik, Imabayashi finally relented and had Rosales sign a contract for one last title match at Wrevolution X 2018.

What Rosales didn’t know however was that the contract stipulated that should he lose this challenge, his PWR wrestling career is over. Will Rosales finally be able to capture the PWR Title for himself, or will Ralph Imabayashi end his career for good?

PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Mike Madrigal (c) vs. Ken Warren

Mike Madrigal (PHX Champion) and Ken Warren (2018 Path of Gold Winner) have had completed divergent paths in PWR for the whole year. Since Mike Madrigal won the vacated PHX Championship at AsiaPop Comicon 2017, he has been wrecking challenges on an unstoppable streak. On the same event, Social Media Sinister Ken Warren had to opt out of 2017 action after being injured on the first day of the event.

2018 will be different for the two, however, as they met in the ring in January. Madrigal almost sent Warren back to the injured list for good, but Warren recovered and got himself renewed victory in the Path of Gold. Warre and Madrigal will once again cross paths at Wrevolution X, where Warren hopes to reclaim his PHX Championship title.

This would be the first time a Path of Gold Winner has chosen the PHX title over the PWR title, even after winning the rigorous rumble. What we know, though, is that Warren and Madrigal’s match for the PHX Championship will be filled with hard-hitting action and drama! #THAT

PWR TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: John Sebastian & Crystal (c) vs. The Punk Dolls

The PWR Tag Team Titles will be defended in the first true mixed tag team match for the ages!

John Sebastian and Crystal made their mark in PWR history as the first intergender tag team to win the tag team belts. However, the Punk Dolls have chosen to try and thwart their plans to success. Wrevolution X seems to be the ample stage to settle the long-running issues the teams have with each other. Robynn and Crystal in particular were always on a warpath with each other for the better part of 2017. Sebastian would insert himself into the equation by helping Crystal defeat Robynn in the first-ever women’s ALL OUT WAR match in PWR. Meanwhile, Martivo would come to his beshie Robynn’s aid.

Now the two teams will be crossing paths at Wrevolution X 2018.

6-WAY ALL OUT WAR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Vlad Sinnsyk (c) vs. Vintendo vs. Peter Versoza vs. James “IDOL” Martinez vs. Alexander Belmonte III vs. Revo Ranger

Get ready for chaos to ensue in what will be the biggest ALL OUT WAR match in PWR history! Current ALL OUT WAR Champion Vlad Sinnsyk will take on Vintendo, Peter Versoza, James “IDOL” Martinez, Alexander Belmonte III, and Revo Ranger!

The story all started when Vintendo stole Vlad Sinnsyk’s ALL OUT WAR title back at Path of Gold. Vlad would hound Vintendo all throughout the night until they would inadvertently cause Peter Versoza’s elimination in the Path of Gold match.

Peter Versoza, on the other hand, has been continuing to spread his Flat Earth beliefs. He battled against Revo Ranger and even successfully converted James “IDOL” Martinez into a flat-earther. This did not sit well with IDOL’s partner and downline, Alexander Belmonte III. This change in belief might have even cost The Network their Tag Titles and even their lucrative business.

All these combustible elements will collide at Wrevolution X 2018 where all six men will be looking to settle their issues. In the end. only one will become ALL OUT WAR champion. And the kicker is, the audience can bring their own weapons for the match! (But please no guns, knives, or fatal weapons!)

PWR x MWF Crossover: The YOLO Twins & Robin Sane vs. Trian Dela Torre, Evan Carleaux & ???

It’s the Philippine Wrestling crossover everyone has been waiting for! Manila Wrestling Federation’s own Robin Sane will be joining forces with the YOLO Twins to take on the team of Trian Dela Torre, Evan Carleaux (TDTxECX), and a third partner yet to be decided.

After being inadvertently stuck during a match between the YOLO Twins and TDTxECX, Frankie Thurteen would cause a distraction that would lead to TDTxECX losing the bout. Furious after the match, TDTxECX would challenge The YOLO Twins and Frankie Thurteen to a match. Unfortunately, the injured Frankie would be unable to compete and instead asked the help of his good friend Robin Sane.

With the YOLO Twins and Robin Sane’s team completed, just who will TDTxECX find as their third man for Wrevolution X 2018?

More Crossovers!

That’s not all! There are still several matches to look forward to! The Canadian Dragon Zayden Trudeau is looking forward to make a name for himself and avenge his friend and former tag team partner, Bolt, as he takes on former Kampeon ng Pilipinas Jake De Leon at Wrevolution X 2018!

Can Zayden finally rise to the top or will he be added to The Senyorito’s list of Canadian victims?

After getting eliminated at PWR Path of Gold 2018 due to a distraction by Trabajador Supremo, who miraculously stood up from his wheelchair, QUATRO issues a challenge to the leader of The Council of Trabajadores at PWR Live: Trapik. However, Supremo has other plans in mind for his former protegé! Will the Light Bringer finally emerge out of the darkness and into the light, or will the shadow once again engulf QUATRO through the hands of the almighty leader of the council?

Sanctioned by PWR co-owner and general manager John Sebastian, Dax Xaviera vs SANDATA will take place at PWR Wrevolution X 2018! The Pride of Lakampati and the Pinoy Tecnico will put their friendship aside and see who the better man is! Who do you think will walk out victorious?

Events and Festivities Aren’t Over Yet!

PWR co-owner and general manager John Sebastian has made it official: at PWR Wrevolution X 2018, Main Maxx – PWR will once again team up with The Apocalypse – PWR to take on the KakaiBros – PWR in a tornado tag team match! Will the unlikely duo of Maxx and Apocalypse reign supreme, or will the hypebeasts tandem of Mh4rckie and Kh3ndrick finally achieve their win”?

Rederick Mahaba has finally accepted Chris Panzer’s challenge for a 1-on-1 match at PWR Wrevolution X 2018! The animosity between these two stars has been brewing up for months and it finally culminates at the biggest event in local wrestling! Who will walk out of Wrevolution X 2018 victorious? Find out on May 20th at the iACADEMY Auditorium!

You can catch all of this high-octane professional wrestling action and more at Wrevolution X coming to you on May 20, 2018 at the iACADEMY Auditorium located in H.V. Dela Costa in Makati City! Advance and discounted tickets are now available. To order, send us a Facebook message or e-mail us at pwr.tickets@gmail.com or visit our partner ticket sellers: Tavern at the Crossroads in Cubao Expo, Kramer Toy Warden, or Pauline’s Printing.


Earlybird Tickets (until May 19th) – P350 each

Barkada Bundle (until May 19th) – P999 for 3 tickets

Wrevo X BIG Barkada Bundle (until May 19th, exclusively at partner sellers) – P1,500 for 5 tickets

Regular Tickets (May 20th, at the venue) – P400 each

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