#NerdMusicMonday: Stereodeal – ‘Hypertime’

Welcome to #NerdMusicMonday, where we feature some of the greatest geek-inspired music to start your week on the right note. We also review geek-inspired music things that we see floating around the Internet, for better or worse.

Some local flavor again for this week’s #NerdMusicMonday!

Check out Stereodeal’s Hypertime – an ode to could-have-beens, what-ifs, and should-haves; all wrapped in the complex metaphor of parallel dimensions and multiverses. Written by vocalist Adrian Arcega, Hypertime was inspired by the Grant Morrison- and Mark Waid-written DC Comics stories he was into at the time of the song’s writing, and this is heavily reflected in the music video as well, with its images of infinite Earths and multidimensional geometry.

“I find the thought that each human being is a tiny universe swimming in a larger multiverse strangely fascinating,” says Arcega. “You encounter different people–different universes in their own right–then the attraction. That spark of light in your brain that says both of you can create a whole new universe together… and then it’s gone. It’s like you just caught a glimpse of it. But the fact that you experienced it, however fleeting, makes it real. If you believe in the multiverse theory that scientists are theorizing… it’s not just an actuality; it’s actually happening, right now. Just not in this reality.”

That comic book influence doesn’t just end with the songwriting, as well. The classic story Crisis on Infinite Earths shines through every single moment in their music video, and it’s pretty damn amazing. Don’t take my word for it. Go and check out Hypertime:

If that blew you away (as it should), go and check out Stereodeal’s other stuff on their website. Feel free to buy their album from iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp!

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