Saucer Country Returns as Saucer State in 2017!

As announced by Newsarama.com, Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s cancelled-too-soon Vertigo Comics UFO series, Saucer Country is returning as Saucer State courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Billed as The X-Files meets The West Wing, the series is about US Presidential candidate Arcadia Alvarado, who was abducted by aliens a few hours before she enters the race. However, in spite of this, she ultimately decides to continue running, with the constant spectre of possibly malevolent extra-terrestrial lifeforms closely monitoring her campaign.

While the series was critically acclaimed, including garnering a Hugo nomination for Best Graphic Story, it failed to garner enough monthly readers. Because of this Vertigo Comics ended up canceling the series at issue 14. However, both Cornell and Kelley expressed their intention to return to the series leading series fans to agonize over the eventual revival. Personally, I used to harass both of them on a semi-regular basis because the series is wonderful and it really deserved a much, much longer run than it initially got. During the interim, Paul Cornell worked on “Wolverine” for Marvel Comics, as well the creator-owned Dark Horse mini-series “This Damned Band” while Ryan Kelly worked on the Vertigo series “Survivors’ Club”, the Image Comics series “Three” and “Cry Havoc.”

The series will be relaunching in 2017 and will be a direct continuation of the initial series. Cornell also announced that IDW Publishing will be releasing all 14 of the Vertigo Comics issues in a deluxe edition. For more information, and a pretty great interview with Cornell and Kelly, follow this link.

Any fans in the house? Any comic book readers who are curious about Saucer State? Let us know what you think!


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