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Melody Road 2019: It’s Year 2 For This Anime,Video Game Orchestra

Melody Road 2019 answers a wonderful question: why settle for a commute soundtrip with your favorite anime and videogame music, when you can listen to a chamber orchestra play it? We’ve encountered these kinds of orchestras before, but these happen abroad. However, it seems Melody Road will be back for Year 2 and stun otaku and videogame enthusiasts alike once more. This event happens on Nov. 10 (Anime feature) and Dec. 8 (Video Game feature) at The Green Sun – Hotel. 

This amazing chamber orchestra event will be showcasing the best hits in anime and gaming. This means audience members – gamers, otaku, enthusiasts, and even casual fans – can take delight in the sounds from their favorite anime and games. This time, though, it’s not just during the commute or a roadtrip – rather you can listen to these hits in full orchestra, courtesy of 17 amazing talents and 10 stunning voices from Radical Dreemers

What’s A Melody Road?

A lot of people want to go to Japan because, well, it’s Japan. And it’s paradise for those interested in Asian history, as well as otaku and Japanese culture. However, if you’re looking for another reason to go to Japan, it’s their melody roads. Imagine – you’re on a scenic trip in the countryside of Japan and venture off a specific road… that suddenly plays music. 

Those are melody roads – as they literally play music to the tune of famous Japanese songs. They’re locally-designed, and play music using special grooves that were geared to respond to the friction from car tires. Sound and volume control all come from the spacing and depth of these grooves. However, they’re not just there for entertainment. They’re meant to put tired drivers on alert, as suddenly hearing your favorite hits on the road can stop them from falling asleep. Not to mention, the grooves in the road help avoid hydroplaning as they absorb rainwater that would otherwise damage them. 

Radical Dreemers: The Performers

Melody Road 2019 will feature performances from Radical Dreemers, an orchestra group focusing on giving their unique twists to famous and popular pop culture music. In Melody Road, they show their skills by giving the crowd their own take on some of the best sounds in modern pop culture. And in the 2019 rendition of the event, they’re at it again – this time with more music from anime and video games. 

Frances Fernando will be heading the musicians for this year’s Melody Road. In their website, it’s said Frances chooses her arrangements very carefully – and given her fascination for anime such as My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Yuri!!! On Ice, we know we’re in good hands. Also, she has 28 cats. So we definitely know we’re in good hands. 

Get to know more about Radical Dreemers here and Independent Play here

What About Tickets?

You can actually buy two (2) varieties of tickets for Melody Road 2019, depending on your preference of date and feature. This variety thankfully allows fans, enthusiasts, and interested people to choose their preferred date to attend the event. 

Viewers can watch both features of Melody Road at the Green Sun – The Hotel. For the exact venue, it’s: 2285 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City, 2285 Chino Roces Ave, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines. Ticket prices are as follows:

Regular Ticket (sold starting Oct. 1)

(Prices for these tickets are based on a recent update!)

1-Day Concert Pass: PHP 1,000

2-Day Concert Pass: PHP 1,800

Policies and Rules

Before you go off and buy your tickets, you have to remember the following rules to maximize your experience with Melody Road 2019. As per the website, we should take note of the following reminders:

  • Doors for the event will be open as early as 3PM, and shows begin at 5PM.
  • While there’s walk-in tickets, there’s only a limited amount of them. So you better make it early!
  • Recording is not allowed. If caught, devices will be confiscated after warnings from the staff and will be returned after the performance.
  • Dress code should be casual. While fan merch and cosplay is encouraged, weapons and sharp props aren’t allowed in the premises. Headdresses and big hats will be removed during the performance. 
  • No outside food and drinks inside the concert venue.

It’s A Musical Paradise

Did we catch your interest with Melody Road 2019? The tickets might be costly, that’s true, but it’s also an experience of a lifetime. How often do we get to encounter an actual orchestra playing the best tunes of anime and video games, right? Well, our interests certainly got piqued, and we might just be there to jam with other fans. If you see us, give us a beep! 

Want more Melody Road 2019 news? Then you should visit their website, and their social media accounts!

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