‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Chris Pratt in the Philippines!

We all know Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 started filming but that didn’t stop Star-Lord from exploring the blue planet. He has taken a short break and is immersing himself in the jungles and beaches of Southeast Asia and yes, including the Philippines.

We found him at Greenbelt enjoying pizza when we ran into some members of the GotG crew a few days ago and we simply couldn’t resist. He had no choice but to gamely take photos with us and a short, if not haphazard, interview.

We simply went unprepared!

Here he is on his way to a bar with awesome GotG people. That’s me in red and right in front of him.


photo by Kat Sales @saber_kite

As of this writing, he is somewhere in El Nido, Palawan and is sharing snaps of his adventure on his official Instagram account.

I’m not being stalker-ish with these screenshots, right?

1 Untitled design (3)




For the full interview, click here.


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  • BJ David

    That was a very good interview. Good job despite being unprepared.


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