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Megaman Legends 3 Lives!

When we last heard of Megaman Legends 3, Capcom basically pulled the plug on the long-awaited sequel. A few years ago, Megaman creator Keiji Inafune stated that he’d still like to make the game if he could.

It looks like Capcom and Comcept are answering the prayers of every Megaman fan ever. Megaman Legends 3 is coming to in 2017. Inafune, who previously got flak for declaring the gaming industry “finished” left Capcom in 2010 after 23 years with the gaming giant.

After the success of Mighty No.9, Comcept began work on a “spiritual successor” to Megaman Legends titled Red Ash: The Indelible Legend. While the Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its goal, funding for the game was provided by Fuze Entertainment. It was then that Capcom reached out to Comcept regarding Legends 3. In a statement released by Inafune through Comcept, he states:

“I remember saying once that I’d still like to make Rockman D.A.S.H. 3 if it were possible. Today I am happy to announce that through a partnership with Capcom, we’ll be able to bring Rock and his friends back for an all-new adventure. We’re only starting development on the game, and we hope you’re excited as we are. I can’t reveal more, but it seems my team got a little excited and made something special for everyone who’s been waiting for this game.”

Yes, that is a mocked-up cover for the 3DS.

He continued with a second photo, this one of Megaman Volnutt himself, all nice and shiny and ready for his 3DS debut.

Boom, Baby!

He also shared a photo of Barrett, Megaman’s new Dig Partner, who was originally teased for the Demo that was scrapped.

“We’re still working out a few things, but I assure you that Barrett is still in the game too!” – Inafune

Inafune also went on to say that they wouldn’t be stopping development on Red Ash, but where the game is concerned, they would be delaying its release to work on Legends 3 in the meantime. He also stated that the decision to go cross-platform was an easy decision to make. Yes, the game is going to be on Nintendo 3DS, AND PC – and they hope to release the 3DS version in time for Megaman Legends’ 20th anniversary on December 18, 2017.

To be perfectly honest, there are no words that can express my excitement. I’ve been waiting on this forever, and now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and announce this to the world with a megaphone.

See the official press release here.

Images courtesy of Capcom and Comcept

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