PWR Special: Homecoming Is PH’s Biggest Pro Wrestling Event So Far

Pro wrestling fans in the Philippines better mark their calendars, as October 2019 will be PWR Special Homecoming, touted as the country’s biggest local pro wrestling event to date. Aside from Philippine Wrestling Revolution‘s biggest stars, some of the world’s biggest Filipino pro wrestlers will make an appearance as well. What should fans expect from the event?

PWR Special: Homecoming Gathers A Ton Of Big Names

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Arguably some of the most famous international pro wrestlers with Pinoy blood pumping through their veins, TJ Perkins, or TJP, and “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb are gonna collide with some of the biggest personaltities on the current PWR roster, including PWR icon, Jake de Leon, or Mr. Philippine Wrestling.

Returning from the Great White North, former PWR Champion, “Beautiful” Billy Suede is finally coming back, much to the surprise of audiences at PWR Live: Championship Spirit. We don’t know who his opponent is, but we know he’s gonna be shaking that ring rust when he warms up with Mike Madrigal, who failed to win the #1 Contender’s Tournament for the PWR Championship.

According to Red Ollero, PWR President, what better way to advance the local wrestling than to bring home some of the world’s most famous Filipino talent?

“TJP and Jeff Cobb, as well as other international Filipino wrestlers, have long expressed a desire to wrestle in their home country,” Ollero said. “And we’re also happy to give them that opportunity for themselves and the Pinoy fans as well.”

Homecoming: A Bit of Background

While we don’t know the full extent of what’s going to happen in the PWR Special, we do know it’s going to be a big night. After all, all guests present tout quite the impressive achievements.

Fans can remember “The Fil-Am Flash” TJP, as a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, after winning the the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Other accolades include the winning the Impact Wrestling X Division Championsip as well as an entrant into the 7th Super-J Cup of New Japan Pro Wrestling.  

TJP will be facing Jake de Leon, former PWR and Philippine Excellence Champion. Fans of PWR will remember this announced last July on PWR Live: Championship, during a surprise announcement!

Meanwhile, fans will remember Jeff Cobb as former NJPW NEVER Openweight Champion and a hard hitting participant in the G1 Climax 29 Tournement. He’s also a former ROH Television Champion, and Lucha Underground Champion. He announced his participation last August in PWR Special: Homecoming. We cannot wait to know who his opponent will be. Could it be Ken Warren? PHX Champion Chino Guinto? Whoever fails to win the PWR Championship at PWR Live: Beautiful?

 Maybe PWR will even announce even more guests at the PWR Live: Beautiful show? We are so excited!!

How can we get tickets?

Curious pro wrestling fans will find it extremely easy to get tickets for this event. You can buy tickets via the PWR Facebook page. For reference, here are the ticket prices:

  • Gold Seats: PHP 3,499 (these have limited meet-and-greet passes!)
  • Gold Seats: PHP 2,499
  • Silver Seats: PHP 1,999
  • Bronze Seats: PHP 1,499

Also, we might be giving free tickets soon! So stay tuned for more details!

If you want to learn more about PWR Special: Homecoming, you can visit the Philippine Wrestling Revolution pages. Here are their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. 

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