PWR Renaissance 2017


Marking a new calendar year for the Philippines’ leading wrestling promotion, Philippine Wrestling Revolution is very proud to present the 4th annual PWR Renaissance 2017. The live event is set to take place on June 25th, 2PM, at Playland Fisher Mall, Quezon City. That’s right, PWR will be once again heading up north to delight fans from the former capital!

Renaissance 2017


Here are all the big matches you can look forward to on the big day.

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP 3-WAY MATCH: Chris Panzer (c) vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Jake De Leon

Despite being co-contenders for Philippine wrestling’s top prize, Jake De Leon and Ralph Imabayashi once considered each other best friends. Fast-forward a year to today, the two competitors once again find themselves in the same spot as co-contenders to the PWR Championship — but this time, it won’t be friendly competition. The Bacolod fighter and the Japanese sensation’s relationship took a sour turn a few weeks ago when Imabayashi (with the help of his new best friend Rederick Mahaba) gave De Leon the beatdown of his life. The reason: Imabayashi sees De Leon as a dishonor to pro-wrestling. But whatever bad blood is brewing between the two, they must first set that aside if either of them is to take the PWR Championship from Chris Panzer, ang Kampeon ng Pilipinas at Renaissance 2017.

Renaissance 2017


6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Ken Warren & The YOLO Twins vs. The Network

Two of PWR’s hottest stables are scheduled to get Quezon City #LIT as they go head-to-head-to-head-to-head — you get the picture — in an epic 6-Man Tag Team Match at Renaissance 2017! On one hand, we have the boys in green, who are struggling to keep their once solid pyramid standing; and on the other, we have three spoiled brats who have been causing all sorts of trouble in PWR, and #WINNING while they’re at it. Since The Network’s Chino Guinto won for himself the PHX Championship, the title has been slowly turning the multi-level marketing giant’s leader James “Idol” Martinez green with envy. Can Alexander Belmonte III keep the peace? Will this animosity play a factor during their big 6-man tag match against Ken Warren and the PWR Tag Team Champions Yohann and Logan Ollores, The YOLO Twins, who are all riding a hot winning streak?

Renaissance 2017



The much-awaited face-off between “Beautiful” Billy Suede and SANDATA is finally happening at PWR Renaissance 2017. And as just announced by PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, it is now booked as a #1 Contender’s Match for the PWR Championship at Renaissance 2017.

This announcement was made after Suede was wrongfully proclaimed as the successor to Chris Panzer’s title during last weekend’s live event. The PWR official present during the said title match mistakenly counted the illegal pinfall. Mr. Sy revoked the call and restarted the match to Suede’s disappointment and official loss.

Can The Beautiful One grab another shot at the PWR Championship? Or will the Pinoy Tecnico overcome the odds as he always has?

Renaissance 2017


LESS TALK, MORE FIGHT: Miguel Rosales vs. Peter Versoza

One-half of the Fighters 4 Hire, Miguel Rosales, is about to face off with the cocky Peter Versoza at Renaissance 2017. The former PHX Champion has been quite vocal in cyberspace about his “lack of appreciation” in the company, with no end of shutting up in sight… and so we’re guessing that the Ruthless One will just have to shut the Bulacan Babe Magnet up himself for all of us. This bout is expected to be an exciting one as the two competitors showcase virtually different fighting styles — Rosales, a strike and suplex specialist; and Versoza, a smart and explosive fighter.

Renaissance 2017


THE BIG REMATCH: Trian Dela Torre vs. The Apocalypse

Trian Dela Torre, the self-proclaimed inch-for-inch best wrestler in PWR, issued a challenge to anyone in the locker room willing to take him on. The “kapre” who answered the Midget Wrestling Champion’s challenge during last week’s PWR LIVE: Resbak was none other than The Apocalypse. The scariest of all the kapres’ brute proved to be a non-factor as Dela Torre used the size disadvantage as his biggest advantage to steal the 1, 2, 3. And at Renaissance 2017, the monster and the halfling will once again face off in a relatively big rematch to settle the score.


BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Deadly Sinns vs. Punk Dolls

What do you get when you cross a fearless punk rock princess and a rainbow-flag bearing force? The Punk Dolls, of course. And what do you get when you cross an insane, sadistic beast with a loud-mouthed bruiser? You get the Deadly Sinns. And put those two teams against each other, you’ll get one hell of sa tag team showdown at Renaissance 2017. The team of Martivo and Robynn will be butting heads with the tandem of Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal in an instant-classic you would not want to miss!

Renaissance 2017


MORE TAG ACTION: Delirium vs. Kakaibros

Delirium’s Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson are a thrill to watch! They have it all: from explosive ring moves to death-defying aerial stunts, this dynamic duo is quickly rising up the ranks among PWR’s most elite tag teams until the Kakaibros, who will be debuting at PWR Renaissance 2017, came in and injured Dan Ericson while Delirium was training. PWR is known for its colorful characters and caricature pop-culture gimmicks, but until you’ve seen the now dangerous Kakaibros, you haven’t seen anything yet! And who will take Dan Ericson’s place as Dax Xaviera’s tag team partner?

Renaissance 2017

Don’t miss the 4th annual PWR Renaissance 2017 on June 25th, 2PM, at Playland Fisher Mall, Quezon City! Order your advanced tickets now by sending PWR a Facebook direct message or an e-mail at pwr.tickets@gmail.com. You can also get tickets at our partners such as The Appraisery in Cubao Expo, Pauline’s Printing in Pergola Mall, and Kramer Toy Warden!



Earlybird Tickets (until June 24th) – P350 each

Barkada Bundle (until June 24th) – P999 for 3 tickets

Regular Tickets (June 25th, at the venue) – P400 each



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