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Lenovo Boosts 2019 Lineup With New Releases

Lenovo might finally be the brand to begin dominating the tech scene, as more people see the company as a provider of all sorts of devices for consumers in the country. In fact, Lenovo wants to bolster its 2019 with new products across its powerhouse brands.

In a launch event, folks from Lenovo updated fans, media, and stakeholders of its performance last fiscal year 2018 to 2019. And Lenovo wowed attendees with new products across its Legion, Yoga, and IdeaPad brands. Lenovo fans and tech enthusiasts can wait for these new products in shelves. And in the meantime, we at What’s A Geek! will elaborate on just what Lenovo has in store for us.

Lenovo: Ride strong sales with new 2019 releases

Lenovo gears up for a huge 2019 following its performance during the last fiscal year. Apparently, the company once again nailed the top spot in terms of worldwide PC shipments. And the company credits consumer division sales for this success. 

Lenovo owes this victory to both its Yoga and IdeaPad products, as well as its Legion lineup. In fact, Lenovo’s Legion apparently grabbed the spot for the “fastest-growing gaming notebook brand” in the Philippines, according to GFK.

“Lenovo’s solid performance reflects the continuous efforts on our strategies to put the customer at the core of our business,” Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines’ Country General Manager, said. “In today’s world, we focus on enabling them to thrive through the process of ‘intelligent transformation.’ [We will do this] by continuing to provide innovative technology whose features can perform in a wide variety of tasks, whether for gaming, entertainment, work, and everything in between.”

2019 For Lenovo: New Year, New Products

Lenovo kicks off their launch party with newer and better products from all across their lineups.

Lenovo begins by officially launching its Legion Y740. According to Intel, this helps gamers with 56-percent higher frames-per-second, and 38-percent faster game turn times. Meanwhile, content creators can enjoy a 54-percent speed boost while editing videos in whopping 4K. The device itself sports an aluminum chassis and thin bezels.

  • The Y740 can be bought for PHP 119,995.
  • The Y740 has an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 graphics card.
  • It boasts the power of the 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Processor.

The Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop can be the perfect first gaming PC for introductory gamers. It’s available in either Intel Core i7 with +128GB SSD, or Intel Core i5. Lenovo touts this as an affordable gaming laptop that can do the trick.

  • You can buy the i7 variant for PHP 59,995; or the i5 variant for PHP 49,995.
  • The L340 comes equipped with an NVIDIA® GeForce GTX™ 1650 graphics card.

New Yoga Slates, Other Variants

The Yoga S940 can get your attention with its sleek design. It’s also the firsti n the world to have contour glass, which wraps around the display to have smoother edges. This essentially makes it look thinner than it already is.

  • You can get the Yoga S940 for PHP 115,995.
  • It’s only 12.2mm and weighs only 1.2kg thin.

The Yoga S730 pegs itself as the ideal travel companion. It’s only 1.1kg and 11.9mm thicks, and secondary vents in the keyboard make it resistant to overheating. 

Aside from new products, Lenovo also brings to the Philippines a ton more products from their global lineup. These include:

  • Three (3) more variants of the Legion Y540
  • IdeaPad S540, which has six (6) variants
  • And then there’s IdeaPad S340, the ultraslim IdeaPad
  • IdeaPad C340, the 2-in-1 convertible laptop
  • IdeaPad S145, which touts itself as a powerful “everyday laptop”
  • IdeaCentre AiO devices, sure to aid casuals, professionals, and gamers with their computing needs.

We Are Legion

Lenovo’s Legion lineup plays a huge role in the company’s growth surge. After all, Lenovo did begin its 2019 with the launching of the first exclusive Legion Concept Store in SM City North Edsa. Lenovo follows this up by being a co-presenter of GameCon 2019, which serves as one of the biggest gaming conventions in the Philippines.

Lenovo wants to maintain this momentum by adding more to Legion’s lineup of devices. As such, new products such as the Y740 banks on Legion’s capabilities to immerse gamers in their gameplay, and adds the power of the latest processors and graphics cards.  

The Y740 itself appears to be a huge improvement to other Legion releases. We at What’s A Geek! featured some of these devices, including the Y530. And coming straight from us, the Legion brand is definitely a lineup of laptops you don’t want to miss.

Bulky Notebooks Are Yesterday’s News

One of Lenovo’s previous concerns have come in the form of bulky and thick notebooks. And while others might think they just ought to pack these thick notebooks with more functionality, Lenovo scrapped the concept entirely.

Lenovo’s solution? They made quick work of their Yoga and IdeaPad lineups and transformed them all into Ultrabooks. This means their lineups have become laptops that not only are in-demand and on-trend, but they weigh less than 2kg and are less than 20mm thick. 

In fact, Lenovo has become the company with the largest portfolio of ultrabook devices with a whopping 16 models to choose from. 

Lenovo Is Off To A Strong 2019

If we’re to ask, Lenovo has been such a strong contender in the PC space these past few years. Their consistent showcase of newer and better products to supplement their lineups prove their persistence to be the go-to brand for consumers across the country.

You can definitely rely on a Lenovo laptop whether you’re a casual user in need of a laptop, a professional in need of a trusty device, or a gamer looking for a powerful machine. As a Lenovo Yoga Book user myself, I have no qualms with just how sophisticated and functional Lenovo’s products can be. And we’re more than excited to see just what Lenovo will be up to in years to come.

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