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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VE, Tab A with S Pen

MANILA, Philippines – Sometimes, a smartphone and laptop just won’t cut it.

Sure, your smartphone brings mobility and access in the palm of your hand, and your laptop gives you a complete work suite for your corporate needs. But what happens when you need more than a smartphone’s 5.5” of screen, but don’t want to lug around a laptop’s heavy weight of 2kg?

The tablet becomes the answer to your dilemma, but not just any tablet- It has to be one that allows you to do the one thing you’re most passionate about. Moreover, it should give you the casual functionality of laptops while still being able to provide the mobility of a smartphone in one sleek package. Two qualities that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A with S Pen can easily provide.

If the name “Samsung” isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few daily situations that would make you add a tablet in your gadget arsenal. It is, after all, that one device that supports your priorities in life – whether it be related to productivity or your entertainment needs.

  1. When work or school demands you to be constantly on-the-go

If you’re an achiever, then you’re a hardworking individual who never wants to miss out on delivering tasks excellently. And because of that, you bring work almost everywhere.

But have you ever tried working on your laptop while in transit? It makes the task of changing even just one image or word in your deck cumbersome and unwieldy—unlike if you’re using a tablet, In which case the process becomes swift, easy, and a whole lot more convenient due to the tablet’s size and weight.

On that note, it’s also a great tool to have when you’re rushing to and from meetings. Instead of having to lug around your laptop from one presentation to another, all you have to do is tote your tablet with you. Not presenting? Not a big deal, you can use your tablet as an unobtrusive and discreet way to take notes and record the minutes. You won’t event need a notebook and an extra pen as the Galaxy Tab A already comes with the perfect productivity-enhancing S Pen.

  1. When you need a more immersive multimedia experience but would really mind the screen size and the bulk

We all know that watching TVs shows and movies can be quite addicting and relaxing. When you’re passionate about the shows you watch, it’s automatic to want to take a quick peek on your smartphone or binge watch on your laptop. But aren’t you just tired of squinting on your phone’s screen? Or itching to go home to your laptop since you don’t always bring it around?

Admittedly, there are a lot of things that your smartphone can do. But for all its functionality, you’re also limited to a small screen size. Have you ever tried trying to read an e-book on a 4 or 5-inch screen? What about trying to watch your movie while on a long-haul flight on your smartphone?

Sure, you can do both on your laptop, but again, the bulk is just so bothersome you’d rather leave it home unless it’s so necessary to bring it with you.

Save your mobile’s battery life and yourself the trouble of lugging around your laptop.  Opt to enjoy the multimedia experience on a tablet instead – screen with just the right size but with an equally enjoyable multimedia experience. It also doesn’t hurt that you can easily switch to work mode on a tablet minus the bulk and extra time of booting up your laptop!

  1. When you want to always be prepared to have the right device when the situation calls for it

Some people are very much like scouts that it’s very important for them to have the right device for the right situation. And it never hurts to have a lot of devices given the diverse options in the market. While smartphones and laptops are good at what they do, there is a long list of situations where you’ll find the smaller screen size of your smartphone not enough for daily needs – watching movies, browsing the web, sending emails, checking online banking, etc. On the other hand, the bulk of your laptop may be quite an inconvenience when you have to rush from one place to another, or when you’re carrying quite a number of things and the laptop’s weight could be easily foregone with. You know the solution – get a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

We know you’re convinced, so the next step is to decide which Galaxy Tab fits your needs. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your entertainment needs, the Galaxy Tab S2’s bright and clear Super AMOLED Display in either 8” or 9.7” screens lets you stay immersed in your movies and TV shows.  It runs Android Lollipop on an Exynos Octa Core Processor, ensuring smooth video streaming. It also has more than enough storage for your all-time favorite movies with its 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal memory that’s expandable with microSD up to 128GB. And lastly, you can finish a full-feature film without charging stops with the Galaxy Tab S2’s powerful 4,000 or 5,870 mAh battery!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen
Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

For those eyeing more productivity, the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen is the perfect device that lets you do quick work while on the go. The productivity-enhancing S Pen is the perfect tool for creation – take down important notes and ideas, send comments on files and documents, and even edit images and more. Open applications and send emails smoothly without a glitch with its powerful quad-core processor. Check documents and read through files easily on its 8” XGA TFT display. Keep your important files with you wherever you go with the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen’s 2GB of RAM, and 16GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB with a microSD. It also packs a 4,200 mAh battery that is more than enough to let you catch up on work easily while on the go. It even offers multi-window, mouse-like selection and smart select features to maximize use of the S Pen.

While a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet have things in common, the tablet still remains to be that one device that allows you to do the things you’re most passionate about. Having just the right size but still packing powerful features, it essentially becomes a bridge between the mobility of your smartphone and the functionality of your laptop. And depending on your lifestyle and your needs, tablets can be an intuitive and useful tool for both work and play.

Drop by any Samsung Experience Store and authorized Samsung Dealers nationwide to get your own Samsung Galaxy Tab. Visit for more details about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A with S Pen!

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