Marvel Legends Avengers Series 1 Review

A few years ago, I was all, “Just 3 Twin packs?” “No Marvel Legends? Pff.” or “When’s the next one? Too slow.”. Now, we’re not even done with the 1st quarter of 2015 yet and we got 3 waves coming up: Avengers Series 1, Hobgoblin Wave and Avengers Series 2 (Age of Ultron Tie-Up??)!

Anyway, just got my Avengers Series 1 from Kramer Toy Warden and I am really stoked about this wave, it’s like the “follow-up” wave that includes figures that failed to be released during the previous waves. The figure includes 2 Marvel NOW! rendition of  characters such as Thor and Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch (Ah, YES!), Heroic Age Hawkeye, Heroic Age Iron Fist, Sentry and Machine Man. The Build-A-Figures for this wave are Odin and Future King Thor which you can either build both by getting duplicates of Hawkeye, Thor and Iron Fist for the BAF parts or interchange the parts such as the head, weapon, cap and right arm.

Marvel Legends Avengers Series 1

Alright, I won’t delay you guys any further, here you go with the review of this whole wave!


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