Two Toycon 2015 Exclusive Figures You Should Not Skip On

We got word that there will be at least two Toycon 2015 exclusive toys which will be made available during Toycon and both are cool figures that you can definitely not miss out on.

dweey toycon 2015 exclusive (1)

First figure we need to look for is Dweey. The vinyl figure was designed by Luk Chee Chew and has a limited run. So when the gates open today, you better scramble for this vinyl figure/ USB.

Our friends from Big Boys Toy Store will also be selling the exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl  “Mindstyle” “Aswang” figure…

toycon 2015 funko pop vinyl aswang

The Aswang in question happens to be a “Manananggal” and was also one of the breakaway characters from the TV series “Grim”.

Last we checked, the Aswang will be sold at Php 750 so you better get going already.

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