Surviving One Year Without ‘Doctor Who’

You’ve probably heard the news by now: Steven Moffat is finally stepping down as the showrunner of Doctor Who, to be replaced by Chris Chibnall. I think it’s a good thing – even though I loved most of Moffat’s run, I’m more than ready to see another writer’s take on the show. I’ve yet to be impressed with Chibnall’s Who work, but if we have Broadchurch series 1 to go by, I’m welcoming this change.

There’s a huge problem with this particular changing of the guard, however – after the heights of Series 9, we’d have to wait for a while. Series 10 has been pushed back to 2017, in order to make the transition from Moffat to Chibnall smoother. I’d support this decision if we only had something to watch other than the 2016 Christmas Special. You see, by Christmas 2016, 365 days will have passed without a new Doctor Who episode on TV, marking the first full year without the show since 2005.


This isn’t exactly a return to the Wilderness Years, but how do we get our Doctor Who fix while BBC is sorting out everything behind the scenes?

Don’t worry, fellow Whovian! I created this survival guide so you can find something to tide you over until series 10 airs. This is, by no means, a complete list of supplementary media as I left out a lot of things. If you want a quick fix, though, this will help you get started.

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