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The Flash Season 1 Episode 15 – Out of Time

THE FLASH IS BACK!  We got to do a post about The Flash not because it’s popular but the episode “Out of Time” was just pure awesome.


Promise we won’t spoil anything but this review might imply something so just to be safe, please read this as one giant SPOILER.

OK, now that that bit is out of the way, let’s talk:

This episode of The Flash is LOADED! I found it incredibly awesome and totally worth the wait as far as developments go. To describe how things unfurled, it’s like multiple bombs going off all around you at the same time.

The long-awaited “time travel” element to the overall plot gains significant traction as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) finds out what we geeks already know, he can work around time thanks to his super speed. This opens a ton of new story beats and finally shed more light on this season’s main mystery – Who Killed Nora Allen?

Also acting as a throwback is this week’s villain, the real Weather Wizard aka Mark Mardon. Gotta hand it to the writing team for The Flash as they made a “swabe” retcon (could it even be a retcon?) on the Weather Wizard plot putting Clyde’s older brother Mark on a warpath against Joe West who killed his brother in episode 1.

Third on the list of “why this week’s Flash episode is pure genius” is the shotgun blast level reveal on who Harrison Wells really is. We won’t spoil. You can check other websites for that. But what we certainly now know is that the guy is calculating AND meticulous. Tom Cavanagh owned those scenes and we’re thinking this will be one of those big moments for 2015 as far as TV shows goes. Plus he does something horrible that would probably hurt the guys and gals on Tumblr.


More importantly for fervent followers of the series is how the WestAllen pairing has gone full-bloom. I think that was one of the most poignant scenes of the episode; Barry and Iris finally admitting to one another how they really feel and more importantly, they kiss!!!



On a similar note, the scenes involving Captain Singh’s fiancee were both heartbreaking and nice. It’s a nice “diversity” strategy without being too forced and at the same time it’s character growth for the wary and seemingly angry captain of Central City PD.I like that.


I applaud this episode too for actually breaking the mold of how the Flash ends an episode. No more “post-credit” scenes and no more teasing. This ends in a full blown cliffhanger; which again we cannot spoil. The execution and the dramatics the ending brought though is something COOL.

OVERALL VERDICT: Giving this episode 10/10 for the sonic boom level performance. Can’t wait for next week’s episode as well as the episode with Mark Hamill scheduled in two weeks.

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