Whiplash Actress Melissa Benoist Cast as TV Supergirl

Miles Teller’s love interest in the film “Whiplash” has been cast as TV’s Supergirl for a new TV Series soon to air on CBS.


Whiplash and Glee actress Melissa Benoist has been cast by the CBS as the new Supergirl (Kara Zor El) for the untitled comic book adaptation project.

It’s important to know that Glee has now become a hotbed for superhero and superheroine material characters. The other recent cast member from the musical series is making it big in prime-time here and in the US, none other than The Flash star Grant Gustin.


Oh and Andy Mientus, another Glee alum, has been cast as the ‘Rogue’ Pied Piper.

Meanwhile, the new series has already been ordered as a full season from Greg Berlanti (the same guy who does The Flash and AFAIK Arrow)

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