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Charlie Nash returns in Street Fighter V!

Capcom earlier today just shared the latest trailer for Street Fighter V featuring the return of one of the game’s most iconic characters: CHARLIE NASH! Let’s go and take a peek!

For those familiar with Street Fighter’s lore, Guile learned most of his stuff from Charlie, who also served as his mentor in the US Air Force. His death was also the reason that Guile is out for revenge against Shadaloo, as he was killed in action. However, the trailer above seemingly implies that Charlie Nash has been brought back from the dead and is presumably under someone’s influence. It’s worth to note that Capcom already played with the “bring back Charlie from the dead” idea when they introduced Shadow Charlie in Marvel vs Street Fighter way back in the late ’90s. I think UDON also played with it in their Street Fighter comics as well.

Shadow Charlie
Pretty sure Charlie has revived at least once before.


The trailer also shows to us that the developers are using this time to fix and/or play around with things while it could: the aforementioned trailer has a different lighting style than the previous build seen in the Taiwan Game Show exhibition. They also applied some shading reminiscent of Street Fighter IV’s style, something that the “SFV looks like SFIV” camp would likely take advantage of. We should be expecting more of these changes to happen on all upcoming trailers from this point on, until they have finally decided on what to use.

Sonic Boom!

Street Fighter V’s Charlie Nash seems to play differently than previous iterations: for one the addition of a Decapre-like teleport move which adds a new dimension to the staple Charlie/Guile tactics of old. He also apparently has learned a few moves from the Bernstein family of The King of Fighters…

Rugal would be so proud.

Capcom also took the opportunity to announce the massive online beta that they are planning in preparation of the game’s release. As mentioned in the PlayStation blog (linked here), it will be available to everyone who will be pre-ordering the game in North America. There will also be cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and PC owners during the beta as well. We’ll update this article once more info about local availability surfaces.

If you’re still not hyped with this game, better brace yourself as a certain Dictator would enter the fray sooner than you think!

Street Fighter V is currently in development and will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

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