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Rules of Survival Ultra: NetEase Title Gets A Better View

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and apparently the season to be deadly in high definition. Rules of Survival not only celebrates its first year with a bang but also with a new version. NetEase has officially released Rules of Survival Ultra on its Asia-PC server. And with both a mobile and global release looming in the horizon, players may want to buckle up for a big bang on their way.

According to NetEase, Rules of Survival Ultra adds a myriad of graphical upgrades to the battle royale game. Players will now see better graphics, more fluid movement, and dynamic environments. These features, coupled with a new weather system, appears to add more strategic elements to the popular battle royale title.

This positions Rules of Survival as a more graphical competitor to other popular battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. And with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive releasing its own battle royale mode, Ultra may have arrived just in time to up the ante.

NetEase released Rules of Survival Ultra for Asia-PC gamers on December 12, 2018. Mobile players in Asia can expect the update on December 19. Meanwhile, the Ultra’s global release has yet to be announced.

In the meantime, here’s Rhenn playing Rules of Survival on the phone!

Rules Of Survival Ultra: Upping The Ante On Graphics

Rules of Survival Ultra gives the original Rules of Survival game a graphical upgrade. The Ultra upgrade focused on introducing high-definition graphics of the game. These include real-time lighting, dynamic real-time illumination, and more nuanced details.

  • According to NetEase, the engine suspension update have given the game more realistic physical in-game actions. This allows the game to invoke a more powerful sense of immersion in the game’s already-immersive battle royale gameplay.
  • Players may also find the new dynamic weather system and day/night cycles a creative twist to the game. Characters not only have to traverse wide maps in search of enemies. They also have to brave drizzling rain,
  • bottomless fogs, or even the sheer beauty of stars lighting cloudless skies.
    The enhanced graphics also make the game more stunning, especially for high-performance machines. Of course, as this is a battle royale game, it’s not “just” graphics that got an upgrade.

Stunning Just Got Deadly

The new additions allowed players to tackle survival more creatively. The enhanced graphics and weather features added variables to the game’s strategy element. Players now have the option to adapt to the game world by swapping plans or gears on the fly. Not only that, but players can use time and weather patterns to their advantage.

We’ve yet to test these features to the fullest though. This means we’ve yet to determine how much of an impact they have to the game.

  • Rules of Survival Ultra didn’t just add enhanced graphics, though. With better graphics come refinements in models and, in turn, movement. Characters now have more robust and detailed physical actions. Even vehicle models and structures have become more dynamic and engaging.
  • Players can see their character do actions more fluidly, as objects seem to be more interactive. Windows can be broken, doors can be blasted open, and vehicle wheels can be shot. This means players can break into houses via windows or blasting doors open for a diversion. They can also stop enemies on their tracks by ruining their tires.
  • Rules of Survival Ultra amps up the thrill on another notch thanks to these additions. NetEase encourages players to be more resourceful and imaginative in order to survive. And with these new features, the popular battle royale game has gotten more stunning and much deadlier.

A Unique Take On Battle Royale

People tend to look at Rules of Survival as a “clone” of “giants” like Fortnite and PUBG. However, its accessible nature to players allowed the game to make some noise in a lot of communities. After all, being introduced as a free experience does have its perks. Of course, it’s not as though Rules of Survival has everything clear-cut. Admittedly, it doesn’t get a lot of the graphical flair Fortnite offers, and it’s not as engaging and diverse as PUBG. However, Rules of Survival does tout features that make it a worthy challenger:

  • Rules of Survival features a comprehensive battle royale experience. You still get stranded on an island where you have to fight to survive. An assortment of weapons, equipment, and gear find themselves scattered in the island for your usage. It’s your typical battle royale game… with a few twists on its own.
  • You can play in two (2) maps, each offering its own set of challenges. The Ghillie Island map allows for as many as 120 players, as it’s estimated to be 4.8km x 4.8km in the game. Meanwhile, the Fearless Fiord map boasts a maximum 300 player count, as it’s an expansive 8km by 8km map.
  • Players can do battle in different modes, including Solo, Duo, a four-man Squad, or a five-man Fireteam. They can even play a Blitzkrieg match in Fearless Fiord, where players find themselves in a small section of the map with basic armor and a pistol.
  • Other alternate game modes include Gold and Diamond Mode, where players can earn gold and diamond, respectively.
    Vehicles make quite the stunning addition to the game. Players ought to be careful when using them, as they add a complicated variable to your survival. They may help you navigate areas faster, but they also make you quite the obvious target.
  • Gamers ought to move fast, though. The map’s safe area slowly decreases as time passes. This means players will inevitably have to confront one another.
    Players can also switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, depending on their convenience.

Ultra Mayhem!

Rules of Survival officially released last Nov. 17, 2017, and has celebrated its first year. The title also made a mark in the industry as the first battle royale game on mobile that can have as many as 300 players fighting to the death all at the same time. According to NetEase, the game has become one of the top titles in 61 countries, boasting as much as 230-million downloads.

Players interested in trying Rules of Survival Ultra can get the game on Steam or through mobile app stores for free!

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