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Ken Masters returns in Street Fighter V

Capcom announced on SDCC that the hot-headed shoto fighter Ken Masters returns in Street Fighter V.

As seen on the character reveal trailer above, Ken remains as flashy as ever, and now sports a longer hairdo alongside his new garb. His V-Trigger and V-Skill techs can also be seen in the trailer above, with reports saying that the V-Skill is a “Quick Step” and a so-called “Heat Rush” for his V-Trigger.

Ken is back. Was there even any doubt?

The trailer also displays a few tweaks in his Tatsumaki Senpuu-kyaku game, with varying dive-type versions mixed up with the more renowned one. At this point it will be a matter of time until we find out if the flowchart still applies to him.


And as with previous trailers, the next character teaser was shown, which you can see below:


Speculation is currently running rampant that it may be related to the New Zealand stage revealed a few days before the SDCC.

Street Fighter V will be released on March 2016 for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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