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Leaked ‘Pokemon Go’ Manila Locations!

Pokemon Go is coming to the Philippines soon! We’ve waited literal years for this to happen and our dreams of walking down Victory Road and being a Pokemon Master are soon going to happen!

I’ve got my comfy and easy-to-wear shorts on, Running Shoes all laced-up, Acro Bike folded and ready, Pokeballs all primed. All I need is to find out where to catch those amazing Pokemon.

Luckily for us, we found LEAKED POKEMON GO MANILA LOCATIONS! Now, these aren’t all the Pokemon that we will find in these places but we’re 1000% sure that these are the ones that will come out.

Check out the pictures after the Jumpluff!


The first leaked location is an indoor location where you can find the cutest haunted appliances. Be careful though, Rotom-Wash is a big mean wall! Haunted appliances 50^% off!

Now this next location is a semi-obvious one. No word yet though on which gyms are targeted but it seems like all of the popular places will be given access to these Pokemon. This redefines the whole concept of the Pokemon gym. Also, what better way to min/max your IV/EV than with your own Pokemon!

Now, THIS is a gym!

Now, you’re probably wanting to look for nice Poison-types to resist those swole Fighting pokemon. Well, look no further, because we have it all in our very own Mt. Trash. Get your Bags ready for the abundance of Black Sludge and Toxic Plates. WARNING: Bring lots of Antidote and Full Heals!

There are also some scavenger Pokemons here that might be of use to you!

Trainers with a Keen-eye would know where this next place is immediately! Well, this classroom certainly reflects the Pokemon! We have all those uh, derpy, Pokemon here; might be the effect from the Giga-draining effects of the Professor’s long and winding lectures!

Pokemon or students?

Where else would we get quality Water Pokemon but Manila Bay? Lots of choices to choose from, just beware of the random Tentacruel and other Dark-type Pokemon!

The last leak that we got is probably the most well-known legend from Pokemon Blue Red and Yellow. Mew under the truck. Well, here in the Philippines Mew isn’t technically under the truck but in the parking lot in the customs at the Pier. Be careful when going there trainers!

The myth is real.

Know anywhere else we can find Pokemon to fill our Pokedex? Tell us over on the comments! Tweet us over at @whatsageek if you find some Shinies!

H/T to Pokemons of Manila

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