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Street Fighter 5: New Characters Revealed!

Street Fighter 5’s new reveal just popped, adding two more characters to the roster.

Capcom’s brought back the Brits! Street Fighter regular Cammy White has just joined the list, alongside Birdie, who has not been seen since Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Both characters are looking good (though it seems that Birdie has let himself go), with info from the press conference and the trailer giving us some idea as to how they play out under the new mechanics. Cammy’s V-Trigger gives her afterimages on her special attacks for more hits, buffing her Spiral Arrow like mad, while Birdie’s gives him a damage buff and special armor to certain moves. V-Skills are also looking solid: Cammy gets her Spin Knuckle which goes through projectiles and can cross-up, (which is recognized on-screen as an official mechanic apparently) and Birdie gets… well. You can apparently add input to his V-Skill, giving him one of three moves; eat a donut for additional V-gauge,  toss a banana peel to create a floor hazard, or get smashed and toss a beer can as a projectile.

In any case, the official roster is now up to six, with these two joining Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, and M.Bison.

Street Fighter 5’s first beta test is scheduled for July 23rd.

Cammy looking good.
Cammy looking good.
Birdie's V-trigger.
Birdie’s V-trigger.
Birdie seems to have let himself go, but still looking as punk as hell.
Cammy looks vicious as anything, and actually looks faster than she did in the last game.


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