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Ubisoft Philippines Opens its Doors

In a recent blog post, the triple A game development studio Ubisoft announced their plans to establish a studio in the Philippines within the 2nd quarter of 2016.

The studio will be located in De La Salle University in Sta. Rosa Laguna. Additionally, Ubisoft plans to partner with the University to establish a training program that aims to develop local talent for game development. The studio will be headed by fellow countryman Chip Go, who previously worked with Ubisoft Singapore.

Following the announcement of opening a studio in the Philippines; in an interview with Oliver de Rotalier (managing director of Ubisoft Singapore, China, and now Philippines) had the following to say in regards to the plans Ubisoft has for the country:

As we did in Singapore, we want to expose people to major triple-A franchise. We will work with a local university to grow taken the industry needs, we’ll be crafting the right cirriculum, helping students and projects, to quickly grown the next generation of game developers — fits market in Philippines, and that’s why we consider contributing to the ecosystem as important.

So what does this mean for local video game developers? Given an AAA studio’s interest for the Philippines, it creates more job opportunities for Filipino game developers. Initially, Ubisoft Philippines is opening it’s doors with 50 available positions. However within the next 2 years, they intend to increase that number to 200 employees (you inquire about job openings by emailing: Not only that, but it could give rise to international recognition for local talent. Regardless, this bit of news looks to lead to a promising future for Filipino game development.

Also, remember Assassin’s Creed Philippines? That might not be such a far-fetched idea anymore.

We might be seeing this soon. Image by Selina Espiritu, you can find her work here:
We might be seeing this soon. Image by Selina Espiritu, you can find her work here:

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