APCC 2017: Day 1 Highlights

The first day of AsiaPOP Comicon (APCC 2017) Manila has just concluded, and we can already see that we’re up for a ton of fun. Here are some highlights from the first day of the three-day pop culture convention:

APCC 2017: Celebs, Did Gaku Space need healing?

Overwatch’s Genji, Gaku Space, did not need healing but the actor did share insights to fans of his work.

The star told fans there is a need to showcase more Asian talent in the entertainment industry. He shared in an interview that he aims for his work to raise recognition of Asian American talent in various media. Such a motivation has come from his admiration of Denzel Washington films, which also helped bring more recognition to African American stars.

Gaku Space also told fans to never stop working hard. “You don’t have to do everything,” he said. “Find something you’re good at and keep doing it. And you will make it.”

Booths, Highlights, Fun!

This year’s booths are not without their unique brand of excitement. There are more than 40 of them in the halls, and here are some of them:

Artists such as Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Miguel Mercado and Peejay Catacutan are here with their awesome work. Moreover, there are a ton of local artists and creators present with new comics, graphic novels and art in the Creative Corner.

The Netflix booth features a huge area with rooms featuring iconic life-sized replicas of popular scenes from their most popular shows.

Card game fans can go to the Magic: the Gathering booth for their latest expansion. Meanwhile, the ABS-CBN booth has exciting products for fans of their show. Darna fans can buy and play a challenging card game, and there are upcoming Ravelo Komiks and La Luna Sangre mobile games.

APCC 2017 is the third iteration of the AsiaPOP Comicon series of conventions. Fans can still get their tickets at SMX Convention Center for an entire weekend of awesome. There are still a ton of booths and guests to see and meet

AsiaPOP Comicon 2017 will be held at the SMX Convention Center on August 25 to 27, 2017.

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