APCC 2018: Tye Sheridan, Artgerm, To Headline 2nd Batch Of Guests!

Geeks and pop culture fans around the Philippines will have yet not one, not two, but more (!) reasons to come to this year’s AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 (APCC 2018). Why shouldn’t you go, when the likes of Tye Sheridan and Artgerm will be making their way to Manila this July 27 to 29 for the festivities?

APCC 2018: Celebrity Guests Galore

If you’ve gotten excited about Finn Jones (Iron Fist, Game of Thrones) heading the first batch of celebrity and creative guests, wait until you hear about this next celebrity visitor. Tye Sheridan himself – as in Gunter Wade Watts from Ready Player One – will be going to Manila to meet fans!

Tye Sheridan is also known for playing Cyclops (the guy that was right) in X-Men Apocalypse. Sheridan actually made his film debut in The Tree of Life, which in itself was a critically-acclaimed film. He also had his fair share of exposure in drama flicks such as The Stanford Prison Experiment, and Mud, Joe. Fans of X-Men will likely be excited to see Sheridan don the iconic visor, however, as he’ll be back as Cyclops for this year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Sheridan joins Finn Jones, as in the Immortal Iron Fist, as the biggest celebrity guests to attend APCC Manila 2018.

You’ll Never Run Out Of Creativity

If you’re one for the creatives, you’ll never run out of artists to admire this year as well. Headlining creative guests will be Stanley Lau himself, as in Artgerm. Art fans will know this guy as the one who’s made stunning art pieces to be featured in various media around the world. He’s known for his unique take on blending Eastern and Western aesthetics. Admirers of the artist will also know him as the co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios, and as a known concept artist and designer.

Aside from Artgerm, Vera Chimera will also make her Philippine debut. Vera got her big break when she was cast as Lilith the Siren in the popular shooter Borderlands 2. Vera, however, made a name for herself also as an actress, a model, and a cosplayer. Other recent projects included her popularity in Overwatch events with Blizzard Entertainment, where she’s known to cosplay the hero Tracer.

Yugana Senshi Uon will be making a return to the Philippines as well. Having cosplaying since 2013, she’s known for her rather creepy-col take on various pop culture icons and characters. She’s become a mainstay in events all over the world, where she’s appeared to both cosplay and judge competitions. Her work has been featured in publications such as Cosplayzine, Cosplay Culture, and Smoosh.

Artist duo Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura will also be joining the roster of creatives this year. Their works have been licensed by the likes of Kidrobot, Disneyland, and other big names in the industry. Their big break came courtesy of stop-motion animation for the Simpsons series as well as Elf. Both Valigura and Visell also founded Switcheroo, as in the popular design brand.

What Else To Expect?

Aside from celebrity and creative guests, there’s a lot more to expect from booths and sponsors this year. Those who loved the Netflix booth last year will be glad to hear that #NetflixAPCC is back. However, it appears to be much bigger than ever.

Pegged as the new “Destination Fun,” fans of Netflix shows will witness their worlds come to life in a huge booth filled with iconic sceneries. The streaming service encourages fans who will attend this year to dress up as their favorite characters and relive scenes inside the booth!

More exciting and thrilling announcements will be coming from partners such as Disney, Marvel, and other studios who will also return this year for APCC Manila 2018.

Stay tuned for What’s A Geek! and our APCC 2018 coverage as well!

How Do I Join the Fun?

APCC Manila 2018 tickets are now available via SM Tickets website, They’re also available at all SM Tickets outlets, with ticket prices PhP650 (one-day pass),

PhP950 (two-day pass), and PhP1,150 (three-day pass). All these will give the ticketholder access to stage activities, performances, and the main exhibition floor. The event is free for children aged five years and below for all days. However, a valid identification is required for verification purposes before entering the show floor.

For more information and event updates, visit, or follow their official Facebook Page, Twitter account @AsiaPOPComicon, and Instagram account @asiapopcomicon. Official hashtags of APCC Manila 2018 are #APCCPH2018 #AsiaPOPComicon.

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