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We’re at that time of the year again – Convention Season! Geeks, avid con-goers, casual fans, and even bloggers all over the country know that by the time the half-year arrives, con season is just around the corner. This might be the reason why July 2018 events and highlights fill the brim with a ton of conventions for hobbyists and enthusiasts! However, this doesn’t mean July 2018 will be all about conventions – as it appears there’s more to come for Filipino geeks around the country.

July 2018 Events: Conventions, Events, And More Conventions!

This year’s July events herald the beginning of Convention Season. This means collectors, cosplayers, merchandisers, and even just casual con-goers may be prepping for a few months’ worth of festivities. This month will prove just how exciting con season gets. Prepare your wallets, as this month’s events are surely worth the visit. Here’s What’s A Geek! and July 2018 events you shouldn’t miss.

Week 1 (July 1 to July 7)

Story Party Manila: True Dating Stories (July 2)

Ever had a crazy story to share? Story Party Manila might be the crowd for you. Head over to Dulo MNL this July 2 for a captivating night of fun and sharing as Story Party heads to Manila – and it’ll be all about dating. Interestingly, Story Party features a roster of professional storytellers that this time will be sharing true (!) dating stories. These can range from times they got made, played, or just tangled in the messy corners of the dating world. You can hear delightful and entertaining stories about things you thought only existed in films. Spilled that drink? Talking too much about the ex? Looking nothing like the pictures? All of that and more will be here at Story Party.

Eigasai 2018: The 21st Japanese Film Festival (July 4)

Folks at CinemaBravo bring yet another exciting year for Japanese film enthusiasts in the country. The 21st edition of the Japanese Film Festival Eigasai will bring yet a new roster of amazing films to cherish and appreciate. The film festival will run throughout the entirety of July and August. Moreover, this means missing out on these dates means you still have a lot of opportunities to see Eigasai 2018’s film slate in various locations nationwide.

Travel Madness Expo 2018 (July 5)

Hey, travelling is a hobby too! We know travel geeks will be all about getting to know the cultures, societies, and traditions of other countries. So for all travel enthusiasts out there, maybe Travel Madness Expo 2018 can help you find your next destination. The event runs from July 5 to July 8, with each date dedicated to particular audiences. July 5 will be exclusive to BPI credit card holders and a companion, with July 6 to 8 being open for the public. We’re not saying you should schedule that vacation immediately – but hey, better book it in advance so you can avoid drawing, right?

ACX: Anime and Cosplay Expo 2018 (July 7)

If you’ve ever considered yourself a certified otaku, ACX is for you! Head over to SMX Convention Center in Pasay for Anime and Cosplay Expo 2018! ACX prides itself as the “ultimate gathering of anime and cosplay fans,” and for good reason! It remains as one of the most anticipated anime conventions of the year. After all, who wouldn’t get excited with activities like Solo Cosplay Catwalk, Cosplay Karaoke Encore, and even Cosplay’s Got Talent? Moreover, there are also food eating challenges, bargain merch, and even auctions!

Week 3 (July 15 to July 21)

LacunaCon: A Tabletop Event for Women & LGBT! (July 15)

Our friends from Play Without Apology (PWOA) and Gamers & GMs Philippines team up to create LacunaCon! This event is a mini-convention for tabletop roleplaying games in the country. However, what perhaps makes LacunaCon unique is its unique roster of talks, workshops, and games all spearheaded by women and LGBTQ geeks in the community. According to the event page, organizers hope to encourage more people to play tabletop RPGs and create safe spaces for everyone’s benefit.

Let’s Go, Heroes! Heroic Cafe 2018 (July 15)

Ever fancied going to a butler cafe inspired by Boku no Hero Academia? Look no further as Stammi Vicino Caffè, The SVC PH, will bring you just that. head over to VentureSpace PH in Shaw Boulevard for quite the thrilling experience! Moreover, you can finally bring and mingle with your fellow Boku no Hero Academia fans in an event that is exclusively for you!

BBFC: A POP! Event (July 20)

Have you got a room for more toys this month? Big Boys Toy Store will have a bombastic and POP-tastic event this July 20! Head over to Greenhills Shopping Center and celebrate with other toy enthusiasts. Big Boys Toy Store will be releasing Funko SDCC-shared exclusives in their popular store! Moreover, the Funko toys will come worth SCE stickers, and will be sold at SRP prices. This means more room for toy enthusiasts and, well, less money for wallets.

The Good Trade: A Zero-Waste + Sustainable Fair (July 21)

Is it even possible to have a trade fair that’s sustainable and zero-waste? Turns out, it is! The Good Trade markets itself as a zero-waste and sustainable fair. The Good Trade PH will be holding its famous green and eco-friendly fair at Central Square in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, this July 21 to July 22. If you need a place to get everything you need for a more greener and healthier lifestyle, this is where it’s at. Moreover, the event curates to those looking for refillables, better tools for a zero-waste lifestyle transition, a vegan-oriented skin care routine, and much more.

Week 4 (July 22 to July 28)

APCC 2018: AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 (July 27)

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 (APCC 2018) returns for its third year! However, it appears APCC 2018 has got a lot in store with its slate of awesome celebrity and creative guests. Headlining the awesome attendees will be Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, as in the Immortal Iron Fist and Colleen Wing from the Netflix series! Other attendees include cosplayers Leon Chiro and Canvas Cosplay. Moreover, artists such as Alex Sinclair, Lan Medina, and Whilce Portacio will be visiting Manila to meet fans!

GUNDAMentals: Gunpla Detailing Basics (July 28)

If you’re like us and you love Gundam, then perhaps you can take your Gunpla skills to the next level with this workshop! Head over to Builtable Coworking in Shaw Boulevard this July 28 for a fun Gunpla detailing workshop. Both neophytes and veterans will have a lot to learn in this introductory modeling and detailing course. Moreover, this can be a good starting point for anyone who wants to start their own Gunpla collection.

Verdict: Conventions All Over July 2018 Events!

We’ve just gotten past the sixth month of the year, but it seems July wants to get in on the action. July 2018 events and highlights have yet to stop the festivities from coming. As evidenced by the above, more conventions and events will be coming our way this year. Be sure to stay tuned to our site for more details.

Are you going to attend any of these events? What do you expect from these gatherings and highlights? Feel free to give us a comment, and let’s discuss! If you’re going to attend some of these events, watch out for the What’s A Geek! crew!

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