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Definition of Geek for Geeks on Fleek

Preview Magazine held its annual ball last week. This year’s theme was “Geeks on Fleek”, with White Space being transformed into Preview University. This only goes to show what we’ve always known: it’s fun being a geek! And when fashion and fandoms collide, things are bound to get interesting. Here’s a list of stylish geeks who wore their passions on their sleeves.


The Bookworms

Belle Rodolfo in Esme Palaganas

Belle Rodolfo showed her love for books by dressing up as a Victorian novel heroine. Her dress is a delicate ruffled ensemble by Esme Palaganas. She even completed her look with a book clutch to match!

Chica Villarta in Tony Evan, Geeks on Fleek

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one may be worth more. This custom Tony Evan design worn by Chica Villarta features a print scanned directly from the pages of ­­­­­George Orwell’s “1984” – her favorite novel.


Comic Relief

IC Mendoza, Geeks on Fleek

IC Mendoza put his own spin on X-Men’s Quicksilver in this sleek, shiny outfit.

Andre Chang, Geeks on Fleek

Fashion Editor, stylist, and comic book collector – Andre Chang pulled out all the stops to showcase his passion in this patchy number.


Awesome Otaku

Anne Pinero, Geeks on Fleek

Anne Pinero’s outfit was an homage to Japanese schoolgirl style with a clever Pinoy twist. She opted to go for a barong instead of the typical uniform!

Eugene David, Geeks on Fleek

Eugene David is on his way to catching ‘em all with this eye-catching jacket.

GoT Royalty

Gabriel and Miguel Amande, Geeks on Fleek

Gabriel and Miguel Amande proudly let their geek flags fly with their Game of Thrones-themed graphic tees.

And not-so-long ago, in our own Galaxy…

Romina Nanagas, Geeks on Fleek

Stormtroopers have notoriously bad aim, but this Star Wars-themed outfit on Romina Nanagas was right on point.

Chi Gibbs in Neon Island, Geeks on Fleek

Chi Gibbs slayed in her updated Princess Leia ensemble.

Gabs Gibbs in Rosbert Villar, Geeks on Fleek

Gab Gibbs’ take on Darth Vader proves there’s no shortage of style on the Dark Side.

Maui Rodriguez in Louie Yao, Geeks on Fleek

The force was definitely with Maui Rodriguez in this Sith-inspired ensemble by Louie Yao. It’s even got a matching lightsaber.

What do you guys think of the outfits? Comment here and let us know!

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