Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hobgoblin Wave Review

Thwip! Thwip! We got a load of Legends this year and in just 3 weeks, I got this wave after the Allfather Odin Wave! Wallet busting 1st quarter of the year but damn we’re being spoiled by Hasbro. For this wave we got 6 figures and 1 Build-A-Figure.

ML Hobgoblin

I must say, Hasbro’s doing a good job putting up some lesser known characters in the mix and putting more female figures as well — but hey, we haven’t forgotten some figures from the previous waves that wasn’t released. I know that down the line, we’ll see more of them and some of the unreleased ones and at this rate and hype for upcoming Marvel movies, it’s going to be a great run.

Also, I think it was just timely that they released this figure during the hype of the current Spider-Verse comics that features several other Spider-Men from different universes. I won’t mind getting more of them — I mean, that’s Spider-Man!

Anyway, here you go with the video playlist of all the reviews from this wave. I hope you guys enjoy it and subscribe for more!



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